Savoir faire

  • The career
    at the beginning, there is the earth. But not any earth... The Labahou, extracted from the small family quarry located behind the workshops.
  • The tour
    eternal gestures, the Potter refines the vase to the aid of a tool of wood called estèque. Then, by bonding to slip, it applies garlands and badges always marked the seal "Boisset in Anduze".
  • Engobage
    the vase is then covered with a white clay used to neutralize the red color of the land of Anduze.
  • Vernissage
    The vase sec is then marbled, projection at the hand of copper oxide on the crest that will become green to the cooking and the manganese oxide on the daisy chain which will veer to brown.
    Finally, the vase is covered with a layer of lead sulfide commonly called varnish. It is he who in basing under the action of the HEAT will give this declination of color and shades.
  • Cooking
    magical moment, dazzling spectacle always renewed of marriage wonder of the earth and the fire.
  • Our company is labellized:
    Living Heritage Company